Hello readers!

I am Saurabh Kaushik and I am 23 currently. I am an engineer & amateur writer.

I wanted to start writing for an audience since a long time, and have been thinking if I would be able to create ‘the perfect’ content. But as the time passed, I am now beginning to realize that perfection only comes when you take your first step. Even if you tumble, and feel nervous or just not confident enough, you will eventually get to a point where you would see a definite improvement. So here I am, trying to get into my creative side and putting out some original thoughts for you all. I worry whether people would find my content engaging or not. But I guess I need to let go of that and just pour out my originality because if not anyone else, there would always be my new friend to read it with all its attention and care. And that is, THE UNIVERSE.

The concept of talking to the Universe is fairly new to me but I think that I have always talked to the Universe in other forms. Being a religious man from India, I gave it a name and talked to The Almighty throughout my life. I guess that is exactly what we all do in our lives. Even if you are a non-religious person, we have all talked to ourselves or the stars while bowing down or looking up at the endless sky. That is exactly what ‘talking to the Universe’ is all about.

How simple and yet so distant it is, that we cruise through life without taking a pause from all our lives and not thinking about how this life goes around. How people come and go from our lives. How we feel energetic yet a little unsettled. How we have spun so many different stories about lands of eternal love and laughter. How we are surrounded by so much love, yet there are people in dire need of love. How we do violence on ourselves just by needless talks inside our heads. And how are some people able to solve this paradox and maintain eternal peace with their own selves.

It is so surprising that these questions seem so general in nature and yet so difficult to answer within a single dimension. But I am no expert in psychology of human brain or a philosopher to answer it all for us. I just think that if I embark on this new journey of writing down my thoughts out there publicly, I would learn so much from all the love and criticism that I would get from all of you. Through my articles, stories, poems and thoughts, I really hope to entertain and leave an impact on your lives even if it is just for a couple of minutes. I have had my share of ups and downs in life and many more are yet to come and bless me, yet I would share my journey and also my creativity with the world because I deeply wish that this journey would lead me closer to myself and the Universe.

So please let me know what you think about my blog by dropping me a message :)

All my love!




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Saurabh Kaushik

Saurabh Kaushik

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Sharing originality through stories, articles, poems to make you feel better. @saurabhk_19